Q: Is it allowed to take pictures?
A: Yes you are allowed to take pictures. Keep in mind these rules:

  • Do not use flash. Wether you are underwater or not, in order not to disturb the professional photographers working on the underwater photoshoots, the use of flash is prohibited.
  • Respect the privacy of everyone attending. Please ask the portrayed if you can take a picture. Just because you bought an entry ticket doesn’t give you the right to photograph someone, it is a favor. Would you like a spontaneous picture? Ask the portrayed afterwards and ask if you can keep it. No matter how beautiful someone looks, they might not want to be in a picture. If you’re a model, please don’t be afraid to say no to a picture. If you do want to be photographed, you can also ask a photographer to take a picture, which they are just as much free to politely decline to do.
  • Every image made at the event is not to be used commercially. Offer your pictures via email or via a website for free, not on payment sites. State where possible the name of the portrayed. Selling pictures is against the rules of the event. If you share your pictures as a model, for instance on social media, do state the photographer!
  • Please don’t take pictures when the portrayed is busy with personal business. Atmospheric images are fine, but people generally don’t like pictures of them at these moments.
  • If you want to portray a child, please ask permission from the parents (depends on age). Also ask permission to publish it on the internet.
  • For underwater photography: only smaller camera’s are allowed i.e. a GoPro, phone or small underwater camera’s.



Q: Is there an ATM nearby?
A: Sadly, no. Please make sure to bring enough cash. You can use card payments to pay for food and drinks.

There are however 2 ATMs nearby. One is at shoppingcenter Vollenhove, the other is at shoppingcenter Het Vrijheidsplein. Vollenhove is only a few minutes away by car.

Q: Can I wear my (scuba) dive gear?
A: No. Only volunteers and staff of the event may wear this.

Q: I want to sell my products at your event. How can I apply?
A: You may email us at to get all the info.