Big Pool

  • From 11:00 to 16:00 Bubblering workshop by world champion Jorrit Bruinsma. He is known for blowing 71 bubble rings on a single breath of air. Max 4 participants at a time. Free to join.
  • Underwater photoshoot. Part of the pool is reserved for underwater photoshoots. 2 Photographers work at the same time. Limited tickets available.


  • 10:30 Theoretical part of the Freedive workshop. Given by SSI freedive instructor Danny Martherus.
  • 12:30 Posing workshop. As a mermaid, you’ll find that a lot of people want to take a pic of you. And of course it is supercool to have lovely underwater pictures of yourself. But, where to put your arms? Or, how does your face look pretty?At this edition of European Merfest we have a real posing workshop! Merenneito Riia comes all the way from Finland to give cool tips and tricks how you will look at your most pretty in pictures. She is a professional mermaid and has lots and lots of experience posing under and above the surface. This workshop is free of charge. Spoken language: English
  • 14:00 Why FAT is not an F-word. Raven Star Cosplay on body positivity and self love. Cosplayer Raven Star will give a lecture about body positivity. What is this and how can it help you as a mermaid? If you have any body issues and want to overcome this, be sure to attent this lecture for free. Spoken Language: English.
  • 15:30 Posing workshop. Repeated workshop of 12:30.


** Important notice: Make sure you are completely dried off before entering the conference room **

Small Pool

  • 11:00 Storytime. Mermaid Faline will entertain the youngest of kids with fantastical stories to tell.
  • 12:00 Freedive workshop. The things you’ve learned in the theory session will be put into practice with Danny Martherus to guide you. You’ll practice how to hold your breath in the safest way possible.
  • 13:00 Mermaid swimming workshop by Ellis Franssen. A real mermaid experience for parent & child
    During the parent and child experience, we mainly have a fun time together. This because a child feels safe in this way to learn something new. But it can also be a fun, fun day, where you have lots of fun together.
    During this experience you learn:
    • How to put on the mermaid tail
    • How you can use the mermaid tail safe, and quickly take it of in case of an emergency
    Then you can go completely free in the water. And glide through the water as a mermaid.
    The parent is the support of the child and is used literally and figuratively as “rock in the wave” to teach the child to swim with a mermaid tail. For example, the parent and child can jointly examine the bottom of the pool.
    The introduction “parent and child” is suitable for participants between 6 and 8 years and at least a B or comparable swimming experience. Tickets available here.
  • 14:00 Storytime. Mermaid Faline returns for another round of stories to tell.
  • 16:00 Mermaid swimming workshop by Ellis Franssen. How does it feel to be a mermaid!
    During this acquaintance you learn:
    • How to put on the mermaid tail
    • How you can use the mermaid tail safe, and quickly take it of in an emergency
    What is important for this experience , that you especially want to have fun and get acquainted with a mermaid tail or just want to be a mermaid or a mermaid for 1 hour.
    After the instruction you can completely go free into the water. And free as a mermaid glide through the water. Diving, swimming, playing and especially swimming in the water is the most important thing here. But of course we do not forget the piece of safety and there is also an instructor present here.
    This workshop is for all ages from 8 years. Tickets available here.